Potty Training Boys and Girls (WHEN AND HOW TO GUIDE)

Potty training is a huge milestone in every child’s life and you want to learn how to quickly and easily get it done?
This is the best guide you can use to get all the facts before you start to train your toddler to potty train, things like; when to start potty training, how to potty train and even different tips and tricks for boys and girls. You must understand that each and every child is different but there are some guidelines you can use to know if your child is ready to potty train.

When to start potty training:

So, let’s get down to business and the first thing you might ask is: When to potty train and when is the best time?

Is your child ready for potty training?

  1. Can your toddler sit and rise from the potty chair by himself?
  2. Does your child complain about a wet and dirty diaper?
  3. Can your child pull up and down his own pants?
  4. Is your child interested in wearing underwear?
  5. Is your child staying dry for more than two hours a day?
  6. Can your child tell you by either words or expression that he needs to go?
  7. And lastly, can your child follow simple instructions?

If you answered yes to more than 5 questions, your toddler might be ready for potty training. If you answered mostly no, then your child is not ready yet to start and you’ll have to wait a few more weeks. After a few weeks ask these questions again, and then you should be ready for toddler potty training.

Potty Training Problems

Toddler using the potty image
Toddler using the potty
  • They say that most children can control their bowels before their bladder. But with my toddler it is just the other way around.
  • By the age of two most 2 year olds will be dry during the day, but this is still very small.
  • By the age of 3, 9 out of 10 children are dry during most days, but accidents still happen… especially when your toddler is occupied with something very interesting like playing, or maybe something excited. This happens to my toddler, when she is playing she sometimes forget that she has a bladder and when she finally realize she needs to go, then she is just too late, happens right in front of the toilet.
  • By the age of 4 most toddlers are completely dry during day time.

Staying dry through the night is something totally different and takes quite longer than staying dry throughout the day. It can take toddlers between the age of 3 and 5 to stay dry completely during night time.


Baby Potty training image
Baby Potty training


Please, you must understand that you cannot force your child to potty train… as I said earlier; every child is different and moves on their own pace. Some children will be much quicker with potty training than others, but be patient and never ever get mad. If you do get mad, walk out of the room and go back when you have calmed down.

Potty training is a daunting task and can make us as parents get angry, but you will do your child more harm if you take your frustrations out on him. I know what I am talking about because it happened to me. But now, I just talk to my daughter nicely and there is no problem anymore. But accidents still happen and that is part of life.

There is no specific timeline for your child to start potty training. He or she will eventually use it. To make it more easily, you can let them sit on the potty while you go to the toilet, because little kids are like “monkey see monkey do”. And a little girl will do everything her mommy does.

They say that it’s easier to start potty training in summer time, because there are fewer clothes to take off. I do have to agree with this although some parents will think in winter time when they get all wet and it’s cold that they will learn to potty train much faster.

4 Top Ways on How To Start Potty Training:

  1.  Leave a potty chair in your bathroom or toilet area. Every time you go to the toilet, let her sit on her potty and she should see how you are doing it. This is a natural thing to do so she will most likely get the hang of using a potty pretty quickly.
  2. If your child’s bowel movement is at the same time each day, remove the diaper before that time and encourage him/her to go in the potty. Some children will be upset to do bowel movements in the potty at first but keep on trying. For instance, if your child is upset, leave it for 3 days and try again.
  3. You should look for signs that your child wants to pee, signs like, squirming, squatting or holding the genital area. When you see these signs encourage your child to go use the potty. If your toddler slips up and have an accident, just mop it up and forget about it till next time. Don’t make fuzz over that slip up. If you tend to get angry your child may feel nervous and anxious to go to the toilet and all your hard work was for nothing, she will feel nervous every time she or he has to pee. So don’t get angry!
  4. If you praise your child with a job well done, they will be very delighted. But don’t offer sweets as a reward, this will cause other problem you really don’t want. Just say things like: “Good girl, mommy is so proud of you using your potty. Well done!” This can mean a lot coming from you and will encourage her to go use her potty when she needs to. You need to praise her for quite some time. Don’t forget that!

These are the ways on how to potty train your toddler.

Potty training tips:

Here are my personal 8 tips for potty training:

  • Try naked time: Naked time is the best tip I can give parents wanting to start potty training and this is the reason why it is suggested that you start potty training in the summer. Children love to be naked. And if your child is not wearing a nappy, they have to put the pee and poop somewhere and what better place to do this than in their potty.
  • When you first start potty training you will need to ask your child every 5 minutes if they want to go potty. They will sometimes tell you No and sometimes they will co-operate and use the potty. You can extend the time. You can use a timer, which encourage your toddler to go and help you not to forget.
  • You both have to look in the potty, yeah I know it’s disgusting but when your child see their poop in there they will know that the potty is the right place for the poop. Then you need to empty the potty and let your child do the honors of flushing the toilet. Talk to your child about the water swishing and splashing and making the poop disappear.
  • Make stickers or have a chart and ever time your toddler goes to potty successfully he / she will get a sticker and let him place the sticker on the chart to make it more rewarding. Save the images of the charts you like, print it and have fun using the chart.
  • Pick a calm time: Make sure you have at least the next 2 weeks free to do absolutely nothing but potty training. I mean things like driving a long way, arrival of a new sibling, moving ext. Just make sure there are no interruptions.

When my child was busy potty training we went on holiday and it was a 5 hour drive. Although she did not wet herself but arriving at the new place made her scared. So this is what I mean not to plan anything for the next 2 weeks at least.

  • Go at your child’s own pace. Your child will eventually get there and when he does you both will be pretty happy your done with potty training but for now just make sure you take your time. It is not a race to be won. Be patient.
  • When you do need to travel, take a portable potty along or make sure you are close to toilets. And do take along plenty of pants, you will definitely use them. Tracksuits is best to use as they are easy to wash and easy for your toddler to get down. Dresses are perfect for girls.
  • Once you start potty training be sure to persevere and don’t give in. Once you start, keep going and don’t confuse your child by switching back to diapers. Your child will soon get there and you will be glad that you did not give up in this short period in your toddler’s life.

✅Potty Training Rewards Charts

You just know that these rewards charts will make things a lot easier when it comes to potty training. Maybe you can select your child’s favorite Disney character and they will be going to the potty like crazy just to receive a star on their chart.

We have listed premium charts packages which can include the following; a potty training book, positive-reinforcement stickers, achievement certificate, and a coloring book.

These products are up for purchase:

Here are some FREE printable potty charts for toddlers:

frozen potty training chart image
?Frozen Potty Training Chart
minnie mouse potty chart
?Minnie Mouse Potty Chart
princess potty training chart
?Princess Potty Training Chart
cars potty training chart image
?Cars Potty Training Chart
mickey mouse potty training chart image
?Mickey Mouse Potty Training Chart
paw patrol potty chart image
?Paw Patrol Potty Chart
💡Just a tip:

You will still need star stickers and happy faces to stick to the chart for the FREE printable charts from my website.

The Best Potty Training Seats

A potty seat is used to reduce the size of a standard toilet seat size to a smaller size so that the child will not fall into the toilet.

Benefits of a training seat instead of a potty chair:

Easy storage – You can just hide your toddler potty seat behind your toilet and when your child needs it, just put it on the seat and your child is ready to go.

It is travel friendly -All you need is the seat and your ready to travel with a toddler in training. Not like a whole potty in the backseat.

Easy cleaning – You literally wipe the seat clean and you are done, you don’t have to throw away any waste like with a potty chair, it makes a great toddler toilet seat attachment.

Disadvantages of a potty seat for toilet:

    • Young toddlers like younger that 3 years old gets very intimidated by the height of the toilet, so your child can develop a fear.
    • Your child, while very young, can literally fall off the toilet or on the way up to the toilet.

✅Potty Training Seats for Girls

✅Potty Training Seats for Boys

✅Child-size Toilets

Some people prefer to have a child-size toilet for their training toddler, it just makes your life and your child’s live so much easier and really boosts their confidence. These toilets are pretty cool and awesome and if you have the space for something like this, I would really recommend getting yourself one of these.

These tips on potty training are what I personally did with my daughter. I, just like you, had to do some research on potty training and these tips are the best when it comes to toddler potty training.

Here is a video on a potty song, learn the words and sing it with your toddler every time they use the potty.

So you wondered if it is better to potty train a boy or a girl. Below I will explain how to potty train a boy and how to potty train a girl. In my opinion it’s better to potty train a boy than a girl but I do not have any experience with boys.

Potty training boys:

Let him watch and learn:

Let his daddy show him the ropes to successfully use the potty. If there is no father figure you can ask a brother sibling to show your son how to pee. Having an older child, teach your toddler son to go pee has more of a success rate because younger children love their siblings and love to do exactly like they do. Or you can ask a grandpa or very close friend to give you a hand to teach your boy to potty train.

I don’t think it’s necessary to buy a potty chair for a boy as they can use your toilet to pee. But I would recommend getting an adapter toilet for when he wants to move bowels. Putting a stool in front of the toilet will make getting on and off much easier for your son. This is only my opinion, if you want to buy your son a potty chair, please feel free to do that.

When you’re outside, ask your little boy to help you water the plants, you use the hose and he uses his pee. He will love this as he will help mommy water the plants and he gets a sense of accomplishment.

Potty training tips for boys to make toilet training a fun experience for your son:

O – shaped Cereal:

Place 2 – 3 o-shaped cereal in the toilet and let your son aim for them. This can be quite fun for them and they will use the toilet more and more once they get it right. If he struggles to aim it right, fill the toilet for the first 3 or 4 times with enough cereal so that he does not miss. He will gain confidence and you can put less in the toilet once he figures out how to aim correctly.

Coloring the toilet water:

Another fun way for boys is to color the toilet water blue, and watch as your little boy pees and the water change color to green. They will find this amusing and will want to do this every time, just to see if he still has the power to make blue water go green.

Do some shopping:

Go shopping for big-boy under pants that he chooses. He will feel in control when he selects his own underwear. This can be with his favorite cartoon character.

So there you have it… some tips for potty training boys. Hopes this helps you in your journey on potty training for boys and make it a fun experience with your son.

Potty training girls:

Have her favorite teddy use the potty before her. Let she place the teddy on the potty and let him sit a while, when teddy is done, let her sit. This is a fun experience for her and my daughter still does this. She uses the adapter seat and let her teddy sit on the potty chair; they go to the potty the same time.

How to dress your little girl?
Believe it or not, the way you dress your daughter can make a huge difference when potty training. Girls should wear dresses with nothing under. If you want you can also go shopping for big girl panties and let her wear it under the dresses. Wearing dresses makes the process of potty training with girls so much easier and that is why you should potty train in the summer.

The right way to wipe:

It is very important to teach your daughter the right way to wipe. She should learn to wipe from the front to the back to avoid infections.

Legs closed:

Teach your girl to keep her legs closed when she is using the toilet to avoid toilet accident.

So these are the potty training tips for girls I have at the moment. Remember these tips for potty training girls are only tips and every child is different. What worked for me might not work for you.

Use these potty training tips as a guideline and you will soon have your toddler completely potty trained.

Just remember, don’t get discourage and put your child in diapers or nappies again. This will do more harm than the few accidents you will experience along the way. Once you say it’s time for potty training… you have to stick to it. Good luck and may you enjoy the journey and experience with your little one!Save