Sex Toys and Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

Sex toys have become so popular in the last century and makes a great deal of a good sexual relationship with your partner.


However, now you are pregnant and you may have wondered if you can continue using sex toys during pregnancy. Well the answer is yes. You can use sex toys during pregnancy and it will not harm your baby at all. There is no reason whatsoever to stop using these toys as far as you are enjoying a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Different Kinds of Sex Toys image
Different Kinds of Sex Toys

Many women, including me, are getting more satisfaction from sex toys than the real thing but I am not entirely sure why this is. There are some precautions you need to take if you are going to use these toys while pregnant.

You will need to ensure that the toys are always kept clean. The last thing you want to get now is a vaginal infection. If you leave the vaginal infection untreated, you might risk your baby coming to early.

How to keep your toys super clean and safe?

  • Rinse the whole toy all over including buttons with warm soapy water.
  • Rinse and dry it cautiously.
    Pregnant Woman image
    Pregnant Woman

Store them in a clean place in a bag or any holder you can think of. Do not just let them lie in your cupboard. Make sure to tight seal the toys to prevent any dust and dirtiness coming onto them.

You can prevent infections by washing yourself before and after sex. And also peeing after using the toys. By washing your toys does not necessarily mean that all bacteria will be gone, so make sure you use different toys for the anus and the vagina. Do not share your toys, especially if you’re in a same sex relationship. If you really like to share the toys, just make sure you use a condom before making the switch. But I highly do not recommend this at all. The nice thing about sex toys is that it does wonders for foreplay. Try to go full of, penetrate and this will help in maintaining a affectionate intimacy with your partner.

Here are some reasons not to use sex toys to the full depth of your vagina:

  • When your doctor advised you not to have sex. The reason for this may be a low lying placenta or a weak cervix in previous pregnancies.
  • When you have been told that your child will be delivered earlier
  • You have a vaginal infection
  • And lastly, your water have broken

If for some reason you experience vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy, talk to your doctor before using sex toys. You may experience a little bleeding after sex, which is nothing to worry about and may be caused by an irritation in the cervix. If you are using a vibrator, just keep in mind that this toy is much harder than a penis, so if you feel more sensitivity to your vagina during pregnancy, just ask your partner to be a little more tenderly with you.



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